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Riparian Group handles millions of lbs of e-waste and precious metals on a national scale. Data2shred is designed to be a premier Data Destruction service that is run by the Riparian Team. This means that ultimately precious metal refining is our goal with everything coming through system.

Why Data2shred?

The industry has a major gap between Hard Drive Disposal and Electronics Recycling. Most clients have to choose between an E-waste Processor, Metal Scrap Yard or a Paper Shredder to handle their Hard Drive Disposal Needs. Almost 90% of these companies don’t process hard drives in-house and instead outsource to companies such as Data2shred. Working directly with the Destruction company means you have a secure chain of custody at all times. You never have to worry about any equipment being moved around to Non-secure hands because we move the assets to their final resting places of precious metal refining.

Our Core Belief


Working on a national scale means we keep a careful and watchful eye over all assets. We have strict protocols to ensure proper chain of command.

Customer Service

Out staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of Data Destruction and our techs are trained to handles any on-site issues. Our entire team goes above and beyond for our customers.


Our ZERO e-waste policy means we don’t throw away any electronics. E-waste is handled in an environmentally friendly way.

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Downstreams | Refining

One of the most important factors when choosing a company to process your Secure Data is what happens after we receive it. Riparian Group is used by recycling companies as the actual processor for recyclers in multiple states. So when you are using Data2shred (A Riparian Company), You are actually using the company that handles the Hard Drives.

Hard Drives are either destroyed on-location or off-location. Even though the drives are destroyed beyond re-use, the Hard Drives go to a secure facility and are prepped to go to the refinery. We use a combination of in-house and R2 downstream vendors to ensure secure transportation to refineries. Refining is the process of smelting the drives into precious metals such as gold, aluminum, and more.

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Our core belief if that hard drives that are destroyed must be refined into precious metals so there is never any concern whatsoever of data breaches.

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